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BVM Sports

The challenge

Our mission was to build many new features in highly coupled and complicated legacy architecture.

About BVM Sports

What is BVM Sports? BVM Sports is a media entity dedicated to providing local, national and international sports coverage. One place. All sports.

from 2021 timeline

200 new features delivered

7650 commits git stats

Experts in web technology

At Coditive we create web services and apps with the users’ actual needs in mind. We combine our expertise, experience and best practices to provide a unique website development service using modern technologies.

We recommend appropriate technological solutions supporting the business goals of our clients.


  • Vue Framework
  • Laravel Illuminate Components
  • Laravel Blade
  • SOLID Principles
  • WP CLI Management
  • Bash Automatization


  • +200 new system features
  • Loosely-coupled architecture
  • Easier testing process
  • Improving customer satisfaction

Web development

We’ve build a well designed infrastructure that works over the old legacy code and allows delivering a new features more secure way. By separating a new core requirements from the old code, we’ve managed to deliver them in a shorter period of time.

With such a pragmatic approach we’ve been able to perform refactoring operations simultaneously with delivering a new business requirements. After a few months of works, delivering +200 new features, we’ve build a new architecture that supports SOLID principles and makes that the old code might be switched off without much problems and paying customers attention.

We helped increasing the customer satisfaction by allowing the content team delivering much more content (+ 1,5 milion news) in more attracting way.

One of the key elements are:

  • Processing a massive wave of +1.5 million news items.
  • Developing a robust news hub for +30 000 teams.
  • Rolling out a real-time scores widget to keep +30,000 teams constantly in the know.
  • Supercharging webpage speeds from sluggish seconds to lightning-fast milliseconds.
  • Multiplying the user visits count with enhanced SEO and search visibility.
  • Enhancing the user experience with content custom-tailored to their location.

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