Node.js development

It’s all about your business, the challenges you have, and how we can help you. Whether you want to use Node.js to create a new digital product, improve an existing one, test an idea, or add a support team partner.

Node.js Development

At Coditive we are fans of Express.js – Node.js frameworks. It’s a very fast and minimalist tool that is designed for building web applications and APIs.

Node is great for tools like chats, messaging apps, streaming applications or real-time games. Simply speaking – every time when multiple connection requests occurs.

We love Node, since it helps us building fast, scalable web applications.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript server side.

It’s all about the “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm, unifying apps development around a single programming language rather than different server-side and client-side scripting languages. It’s not just a matter of making things easier for developers, though – from business perspective it also means better time-to-market efficiency.

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Frontend Development

Our frontend development services include a modern detail oriented approach, no matter if it’s an application, pixel-perfect website design, e-commerce platform, or custom-made user interface.

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Backend Development

We have solid experience in delivering custom backend development services, including building complex web applications, integrating systems and 3rd party services, and more.

The ease and clarity of communication between our in-house development team and Coditive is exemplary.

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Managing Director at Viva & Co. / Toronto, Canada

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What’s so special about Node.js?

Node.js has an event-driven architecture capable of asynchronous I/O operations. This concept provides greater performance and scalability in Web applications with many input/output operations, as well as for real-time tools.

Why It’s Worth Considering

  • Asynchronous and exceptionally fast
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding performance
  • Great package manager: NPM

Explore our technology stack


We use WordPress as an engine to power ambitious web projects like apps, websites and e-commerce. We are making the impossible possible with WordPress.

PHP / Laravel

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, packed with several features to boost the production of unique, custom software applications.

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JavaScript is the true heart of modern web development. No matter if it’s a large project or a tiny code snippet. We just use it to get things done.

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Node.js allows us to develop scalable and top-performing web applications, and it’s great choice for both frontend and backend development.


Vue.js is a versatile, lightweight, and robust JavaScript framework. We use it for building modern user interfaces or even whole web applications.

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TypeScript is a powerful subset of JavaScript. It comes in handy whenever we have a more complex project on the table.